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Tagalog Pick-up Lines for Girls to Use on Boys

by on 5/1/2013 8:14:21 PM

Even Filipinas use pick-up lines for boys. It’s socially acceptable for women to make the first move in the Philippines though on a much subtle way. Here are a few chat-up lines that are perfect for girls to use:

Motolite Battery
Motolite ka ba? Bakit? Kasi trusted na pangmatagalan! (Are you a Motolite? Why? Because you’re trusted to last.) Motolite is an automobile and industrial battery. It’s tag-line is “ Motolite pang-matagalan!”

Walang permanente sa mundo. Kaya asahan mo pagdating ng panahon, apelyedo mo na ang gamit ko. (Nothing’s permanent in the world. So except that when the time comes, I’ll be using your last name.)

Jose Rizal
Girl: Ang laki ng pinagkaiba nyo ni Rizal. Boy: bakit? Girl: Kasi si Rizal nasa piso. Pero ikaw nasa puso ko.(Girl: There’s a big difference between you and Rizal. Boy: Why? Girl: Because Rizal is on the peso, but you are on my heart.) Jose Rizal is the country’s national hero. He’s famous for writing many propagandas, speaking many languages, and triggering the uprising against Spanish conquistadores in a quest for independence.

Maglaro tayo ng kahit ano, wag lang taguan. Bakit? Kasi “A Boy like you is impossible to find” (Let’s play anything, but not hide-and-seek. Why? Because “A boy like you is impossible to find ) This one’s inspired by a Fall For You song lyric.

Superman ka ba? SUPERMANhid ka kasi, di mo maramdaman na mahal kita. (Are you Superman? Because you’re SUPERMANhid, you don’t feel that I love you.)

When I Grow Up
Boy: Pag laki ko, gusto ko maging Engineer. Eh ikaw? Girl: Paglaki ko, gusto ko maging sa’yo! (Boy: When I grow up, I want to be an Engineer. How about you? Girl: When I grow up, I want to be yours.)

Howling Dog
Girl: aso ka ba ? boy: bakit ? Girl: sinaktan mo kasi puso ko. Boy : asan yung aso dun ?
Girl : AWWWW !!! (Girl: Are you a dog? Boy: Why? Girl: You hurt my heart. Boy: Where’s the dog there? Girl: AWWW!!!) This one’s cute and funny at the same time.

Finding Nemo
Si Nemo ka ba? Lagi na lang kitang hinahanap. (Are you Nemo? I’m always looking for you.)

Growing Up
Tumatangkad ka ah! Dati hanggang dito ka lang. Ngayon nasa isip na kita. (Hey, You’re growing taller! Before, you were just up until here. Now, you’re in my mind.)

Multo ka ba??? Kase pag nakikita kita bumibilis tibok ng puso ko eh. (Are you a ghost? Cause when I see you, my heart beats fast.)

Puwede bang Mcdo na lang tawag ko sayo? Kasi nakakahiya kong sabihing, Love ko ‘to. (Can I just call you Mcdo? Cause I’m shy to say, I love this.) McDonalds is famously called McDo in the Philippines with the tag-line “Loke ko ‘to.”

Picture picture
Camera ka ba? Casi tuwing nakikita kita, napapangiti ako. (Are you a camera? Cause everytime I see you, I smile. )

The author found these lines here and then translated them to english.

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