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11 Halloween Pick-up Lines You Can Use at Halloween Costume Parties This Year

by on 10/25/2014 2:27:24 PM

"Trick or Treat!" shout out bed-sheeted ghosts, paper-wrapped mummies and ketchup-around-mouth vampires, waiting for plenty of candy.

It's October, and it's Halloween time.

Celebrated by thousands of people, Halloween is fun time putting on costumes and opportunity to impress friends with your originality.

A never-ending party, where adults choose to mix the sugar with few alcoholic drinks.

Between the costumes and the parties, Halloween is also a window of opportunity to meet a new, pretty girl.

Imagine this.

You are at a Halloween party, enjoying the atmosphere,, sipping your beer. Sounds good right! In front of you there are witches, goblins and fairies, but most importantly there is a couple of smoking-hot girls. Even better! After a couple of drinks (or maybe you're lucky and were born with courage... either way), encouraged by the holiday spirit you decide you should make a move.

There is one problem though; you can't come up with a good conversation opener. On a crazy night at October 31st, do they have a better approach than Halloween pick-up lines?

Pick-up lines can pretty corny but using them right, at the right time can perform really well. If you aren't comfortable using pick-up lines you can wear a costume with a mask, so if the pick-up lines passes you could take it off later on. Below is a list of conversation starters you can use:

Pick up-line: Why'd you dress up as princess, when you could have simply come in plain clothes as "the most beautiful girl at the Halloween party"
Word of advice: The girl has to be dress up as princess so the line would make sense. Obvious, right? Well, heres a thing that might be not so obvious. Use it when the girl is with her friends so shell know you have the courage to compliment her in front of her friends. You’ll give yourself a head start and its most likely that shell receive it with a smile on her face. After all you can be sure that she wont get crazy since her friends will be watching.

Pick-up line: "I was going to be a [insert cool costume] then I thought [insert your costume] could break the ice too."
Word of advice: This is probably my favourite Halloween pick-up line. In order to use this conversation starter your costume shouldn't be bad-ass character or movie celebrity , it should be something pretty common like vampire, ghost, goblin or skeleton. You can use it on almost any girl but it would be ideal if you use it on someone whos already flirting with you through eye contact.

Pick up-line: "I'm a doctor and you really need a couple of shots."
Word of advice: You’ll have to already carry a couple of shots with you so you can give it to her right away if she agrees. If it's not clear, by shots I mean shots of alcoholic beverage. It will work better on a girl thats already been drinking and having a good time. Vodka or tequila shots will probably work the most. Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to use this conversation starter when shes alone and not surrounded by friends. It would be ideal if you wear a doctor costume, but it's not a necessity.

Pick-up line: "I can tell you are looking for an outlaw"
Word of advice: You can use it when the girl is dressed in a way looking for attention and with this pick up line, shell definitely get some. Another ideal scenario would be you having an opportunity to use partners costume as part of the pick-up line. For example shes dressed as Raggedy Ann and you might be Raggedy Andy.

Pick-up line: "I hear this place is haunted, we should stick together.
Word of advice: This will work the most on a girl which is quiet and seems kind of shy. When you use the phrase make sure you include a charming smile so you wont scare her off. Again, this can be used on any costume so you’ll have plenty of choices.

Pick-up line: "[Insert celebrity name here] from [movie/video/comics/cartoons], right?
Example: Hallie Berry from Die Another Day, right?
Word of advice: You should come up with a character that has a physical similarities with the girl or some connection with the costume she’s wearing. The closer she looks to someone the better you chances of making a first impression. The trick is to think outside of the box and come up with a character nobody will think of. Also make sure she isn’t the character you’re asking about.

Pick-up line: "I see you are a doctor and I'm lacking Vitamin U"
Word of advice: You should only use this pick-up line when a girl is dressed up as a doctor or maybe a nurse. You need to make sure you care comfortable improvising and highlight the intonation at Vitamin U. It will make her process the joke faster thus making her feel smart and will be open to communicate. You approach must be charming in order to work.

Pick up-line: Are you dressed up as tree? Cause you’re giving me wood.
Word of advice: Only use this line if you think the girl is having a bit dirty sense of humor or is pretty drunk and having a good time. Monitor her mood and behavior. If she is loudest at the party and trying to get attention it might work. You should present it as a joke though and keep your smile while doing so.

Pick up-line: I'm not a vampire but I'm fine with getting no sleep and biting your neck all night.
Word of advice: For starters don’t make dumb mistake and be dressed as Dracula, right? Wrong. You can try the joke even if you’re dressed as vampire since you’ll be able to ease of the line and make a joke about having a bad vampire costume. Shell have two options to respond to. Either shell accept the line and find it funny or shell back you off saying that you are a vampire (since you’re wearing costume) and go look for bite somewhere else. Anyway, its definitely worth to try it.

Pick-up line: Hey, Pumpkin! I bet I can put a smile on your face.
Word of advice: This line could really end up in both ways. If she had a couple of drinks and have been looking to have some fun you’ll get lucky. Her response might be: Oh really, how? (smile) so you better be prepared for your next move. If she’s not in the mood you’ll get a response of something more like this: Yeah well I bet you cant, so go away. So be careful who you use it on.

Pick-up line: Lucky girl, you don’t need Halloween. You look like an angel every day.
Word of advice: It might be hard to find a girl that wont be dressed up but it once you do it will be worth it. If you use this pick-up line when the girls alone it wont have much of an effect. Be bold and charming and tell her in front of her friends.

I hope this list is big and colorful enough to have your pick for probably the most interesting holiday of the year. Use your smile and grease yourself with couple of drinks and who knows, maybe one of this lines will make your night a whole lot better. Have fun and happy hunting!

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